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Product Description

-Poppet type design for low leakage
-Focused air stream
-Durable aluminum construction
-Wide range of finishes available
-Mounting nut type installation
-Includes plenum cap assembly with .75 inch hose port

Product Details

The AV4073 poppet type air valve is designed for aircraft passenger areas where a focused air stream is required. This ball type style permits the operator to have complete control of the air stream direction and the amount of air flow volume through the air valve. The nozzle of the air valve has a smooth easy to maintain gripping surface. The air valve provides low air flow volumes at high velocities when air supply duct pressures are in the range of 3 to 6 inches H2O. The air valve includes a plastic injection molded plenum cap to interface to standard .75 inch ID air supply hoses and light weight wire type clamp.