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Product Description

-Durable aluminum construction
-Powder coat painted cosmetic surfaces
-Switch actuator for turning on air blower
-Screw mount installation
-Straight knurl nozzle grip
-3.50 inside diameter nozzle
Part Number Color
AV3102 - Black
AV3103 - White
AV3104 - Beige

Product Details

The air valve AV3103 is designed to provide high volumes of air flow in crew areas of trains. Turning the knurled nozzle controls the volume of air flow. Rotating the center vane area of the air valve provides the directional control of the air valve. A switch actuator is included on the side of the air valve housing which can be used to turn on a secondary blower to boost air flow through the air valve. The cosmetic surfaces of the air valve are provided with durable powder coat paint.